Friday, September 18, 2015

Hands on

I have decided heaven on earth was hovering around our dwelling this afternoon.  It is Ki-Yi week.  For the uninformed, that is our homecoming tradition.  Coincidentally, it is often the time the reuninionites decide to come home.  One of those groups this weekend was the class of 85, or 30 years ago.  One of the students from that class has become and remained a good friend.  Hailing from Colorado, it's not often we get to see her.  So yesterday, we took the opportunity to join her and her parental units for lunch.  Great conversation and fellowship.  She is, by trade, a massage therapist, and invited us out for "massages at the lake"!  While the idea of an outdoor massage was indeed intriguing, I wasn't convinced it was for me.  Alas, the weather did not cooperate.  Instead, she offered to come into our home and do the massage.  If you didn't hear the rafters shake with my vociferous "YES!", I am surprised.  At three o'clock, she arrived, table and materials in hand, and we set up in the front porch--the only room with enough space for her to work without moving furniture.  (And by nature, I've always harbored a desire for exhibitionism!)  She goes to the kitchen, I strip down to my tidy whities and climb up on the table. What ensued was an amazing hour-plus deep massage.  I didn't quit smiling from the first foray on my neck and back to the last light tap of my feet.  (I'm pretty sure the paper boy who looked in hasn't quit smiling either!)  It was only then, for a brief second, that the smile faded from my face realizing it was over.  And I DIDN'T HAVE TO GO HOME!  I could revel in the relaxation!  Smelling a bit like lavender, I enjoyed supper with my bride and once I am done here, plan on continuing the relaxation in front of the television, totally planning on watching the inside of my eyelids! 
For years, I have maintained the only true way to teach and measure learning was hands-on.  Show me you can use what you are supposed to have learned.  Today, I learned an amazing way to share your gifts can be hands-on!

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