Friday, September 4, 2015

It's summertime...and here's my rhyme!

The apple trees create a mess. I hit my head while mowing.
It's difficult to say the least the garden for to see.
So many problems do exist.  Solution?  It be showing.
Just go ahead and do the deed! Go out and chop some tree!

The weather it is very hot.  The sweat it's surely running.
The lower levels we do lop.  We work hard, he and she.
Why spend the time? Do it ourselves?  You ask with all your cunning.
When surely younger, stronger folk would do it for a fee.

I must admit I've asked myself, "Why not just be out, funning?"
But no!  The project calls our names.  The fates they do decree.
We gird our loins, we do the deed.  We could just be out sunning!
And on the project's second day, I meet up with a bee.

The tree's her home.  The apple's? Food!  Defend it what she's doing.
Just slightly up inside shorts leg where flesh it tender be
She plants her protest. Takes her stand.  This action I be ruing.
The stinger does intended job.  Resultant swell you see.

Now existential thoughts abound.  Some say result I'm earning
I have indeed attacked her ground. But by the by and by
A secret, nasty thought ensues.  You now will be discerning
Deep down on level oh so base...I'm glad that she will die!

You have to understand.  For the most part, I'm a live and let live sort of guy.  I won't bite you if you don't sting me.  Just seems reasonable.  But bees?  Ugh!  Oh well.  At least the neighbors will have some apple wood for their fire pit!

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