Monday, September 14, 2015

The unexpected!

Due to an unfortunate circumstance (and I'm sure Larry would agree), we have made a couple trips to Ipswich in the last week.  On the way, we happened upon this nice little building on the south side of the road that was a company of some kind.  The first time past, I noticed it was James Valley something starting with Sc.  Since we were aware of James Valley Christian School, we opined that it might be their administrative building. On our way home, we passed the building again (at a speed that precluded careful reading) but thought it said James Valley Scents.  A bit unusual, but how nice...a small candle and sachet making place.  Of course, we were still uncertain that it said "scents", so on our way out today, we paid special attention to the sign.  Yup.  Scents.  But since we were on a schedule, we continued with our assumption.  Headed home, I decided to find out what kind of candles this place might make (always looking for gift ideas).  Here's what I found.

Now that's what I call interesting candles!

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