Friday, September 4, 2015

There's something about a goal.

Ms. Lucy used to explain my behavior in this way.  "If he decided in the morning he were going to do it, by bedtime he would have!"  I'm pretty sure it wasn't meant as a compliment!  Remembering the things that I "did", I'm absolutely sure it wasn't meant as a compliment!  But it's hard to change what is obviously hard wired into one's DNA. 
All those trimmed branches were on the ground.  They needed to be chopped, trash canned, and removed.  We started early.  About half way through, there was thunder.  We continued.  With the rain imminent, I decided I should spread the fertilizer that I had found in the garage.  I get the spreader.  I adjust the spreader so it works.  I get the fertilizer.  Oops--it's a spring application with crab-ass pre-treatment.  Back goes the spreader.  Back to the project.  With the amazing help of my spousal unit, we finish the job, clean up, head inside, and it starts to rain.  Good timing and completing...a rare dual win!  The only thing left on my goals list today is a nap!  This too shall be done! 

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