Tuesday, September 1, 2015

There are everyday miracles to celebrate.

1.  While watering the neighbor's yard, the sprinkler path covered the new patio we finished last week.  Miracle #1--there were no standing puddles--anywhere on the patio.  Apparently, we approximated level!
2.  While preparing for supper tonight, Cath asked where the plastic plates we bought last week were.  With surety, I told her they were where they were supposed to be--under the black cupboard in the basement.  Miracle #2--they were!
3.  We ran out of mustard and ketchup.  Miracle #3--we had each in the pantry in the basement.
4.  While stealing one of the tomato slices I had just peeled and portioned, it slipped out of my hand.  Miracle #4--it landed back in the bowl.

And then, of course, there are the everyday antithesis.
1.  After baking a fresh batch of rolls, I was unable to avoid eating one, even though I am trying to lose a pound or two.
2.  I need to lose more than a pound or two.
3.  Wasps love indoors.
4.  So do flies, and if the one that is dive bombing me isn't careful, it's short life will be shorter!

I would say, in this particular moment, Miracles win!

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