Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I'm ready...

for bed!  It's been a fun, informative, tiring day.  It started with a new recipe early this morning.  (Plan to visit here tomorrow for the recipe!)  Since I am planning on teaching it tomorrow night, I thought it might be nice if I had at least made it once.  After a couple tweaks, I think it is ready.  Then it was breakfast with our aunt, a jaunt to Huron to do a presentation for 45 retired school employees (no x among them!), back home to make and frost individual carrot cakes for tomorrow's class, assemble the over-night sensation I worked on this morning, and make up some all meat bagels (Yup--you heard right!  I plan on demonstrating them with cream cheese on one side and egg salad on the other.)  After a quick rinse of the accumulation of dirty dishes, I decided they would hold until tomorrow (and since I'm in my basement kitchen, no one will be the wiser) and now, following a somewhat disappointing takey-out from Buffalo Wild Wings (could it be that I just don't like them?) I'm ready to call it a day.  Don't get me wrong.  As Catherine, the German teacher in my very first teacher school used to say, "I'm not bitching.  I'm just stating the facts."  And fact is...Yawn!

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