Sunday, September 6, 2015

The sprinkler...OMG

American literature?  I can handle it.  Arithmetic functions?  I can do them.  Spatial reasoning?  I'm okay.  Mechanical anything?  FORGET IT!  That's why I bought the little square sprinkler with the rotating top.  All you do is place it and turn it on.  It's a god-send.  Oops.  It WAS a god-send.  The second one of the season is now defunct.  The little whirly thing on top that disseminates the water (see, I know disseminates but have no idea what the whirly thing is called!) popped off.  Second one this year.  That leaves the one that goes whooka whooka whooka and then goes back and goes whooka whooka whooka again.  I've figured out if you raise the little wire thingy connected to the top part of the sprinkler, it just goes whoosh in a big circle.  But sometimes, you want to only water a corner of the yard.  You then have to place the little wire thingy between the two guides and adjust the two guides so it only whookas so far.  I can even grasp this concept.  Unfortunately, I'm never sure from which direction the water will come, so invariably, when I turn it on, I get soaked.  Then you have to adjust the guides to be sure the water only goes where you want it.  Another soaking.  Eventually, however, I do manage to come close to the pattern I want.  Unfortunately, that's not the pattern for the whole yard.  So set and repeat.  Whooka, whooka, whooka...go change clothes.  Having finished the front yard, I DARE it to rain!!!!!

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