Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Cheese Crisps

I'm sure my lovely bride found this recipe on Facebook.  Doesn't matter.  I've stolen it.  And it is absolutely amazingly simple and delicious.  Ever on the lookout for ways with which to play with my I-pad camera, please follow the directions below.

You will need parchment paper, cheese, and a microwave!  Clever picture, huh?

Step 1
Remove cheese from wrapper and place on sheet of parchment paper
I used pepper jack string cheese, but any cheese will do!

Step 2
Cut into four cubes and place strategically(!) on parchment paper
Okay, okay, they aren't truly cubes, but you get the drift!

Step 3
Carefully transfer parchment paper and contents to microwave.
Close door, set timer to one minute 15 seconds, and zap!
Again, you will notice that the door isn't shut--but I wanted you to see inside!

Step 4
Patiently wait for cheese to turn brown, remove from nuclear reactor and blot with paper towel.
Yeah, yeah, so they're still in there.  Deal with it!

Step 5
Enjoy.  Make lots.  Store them in air tight containers.  GREAT snack or fun hors' doeuvres (or however that is spelled!)

Granted, not the air tight container, but the enjoyment!  

Know you are loved!

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  1. pepper jack? Hmmm. Not my favorite, but I do know somebody who might REALLY like it. Will let you know. Thanks for the easy snack recipe, Cathy...Bill. Hugs!