Sunday, April 12, 2015

The best chicken thigh recipe today

I try not to oversell.  Yeah.  Right.  And I've NEVER been accused of gilding the lily.  But I really liked this, putsy as it was.  The blend of flavors was extraordinary.  And it was pretty!  Of course, it made enough for six people, so there will be leftovers.  (And after washing dishes and washing my hands several times, I just rubbed my eye.  The oil of the fresh jalapeno is an amazingly virile substance.  I would suggest gloves!)  I did de-seed the peppers, and used a little over a teaspoon of hot sauce rather than the 1/4 cup, but I am a wuss, so you may want to take that into consideration.  If you have time, give it a try.  It was served with some freshly roasted red pepper strips and the omnipresent cole slaw.  The Russian judge gave it a 10!  And you are loved!

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