Friday, April 24, 2015

Tell me something about yourself...

I got to play at the middle school today.  Eighth graders "get" to do a job interview as part of their English curriculum.  15 community members did the interviews.  I was one of them.  All my employees were interviewing for a position as baker's assistant!  (Side-note:  what does it mean when both teachers look like they could have been in the interview position?  I'm getting old!)  It was an amazing experience.  Each of my interviewees would have made an excellent employee.  Granted, some were better than others, but I truly believe that when employing, you should hire the attitude and train the skill.  GREAT attitudes.  One of the questions had to do with fudge (surprise!).  After sampling the product, I asked each of them to "sell" it to me.  Their sales pitches were priceless.  And, for those of you who know the story, I almost had a "giraffe" answer today.  My last young lady informed me that she loved to make banana bread.  I had to admit to her that I couldn't make a decent banana bread to save my soul.  I asked her for her secret.  Little darling replied, "It's my great grandmother's recipe, and a secret."  Hmmmmm.  But here's the fun part.  When I asked her what kind of animal she would like to be, she replied "monkey".  I of course inquired, "Why?"  She informed me that as much banana bread as she made, it only made sense.  And it did!  That was a tie-in I wasn't expecting. 
While the day was MOST enjoyable, it didn't even stir a miniscule thought of missing what I used to love.  Been there.  Done that. (And amazingly enough, I am wearing the shirt!)  But I'm glad to see that in at least eight cases, the doom sayers are wrong.  The world is not coming to an end.  Kids are kids, and they are amazing!  And you are loved!

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