Tuesday, April 21, 2015


It's the church rummage sale.  Time to divest.  That means tie a rope around my waist and enter the paint room.  Oh my, what a plethora of memorabilia awaits me.  There's an entire bread box of old letters and newspaper articles.  There's a 1993 diary that my wife kept.  There are recipe books.  There are napkins left from our wedding reception.  There are newspapers published on the day I was born.  There's paint...lots of paint...useless paint...but I doubt it would be appreciated at the sale!  Having found two box loads. I am now taking time off to write.  And then, nap.  And then, anything but return to the paint room.  I know now why we don't do rummage sales of our own!  Too many treasures!  Among them, not found in the paint room but nevertheless important, You!

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