Thursday, April 23, 2015

The first sentence will surprise you!

We are on our way home...from a track meet...out of town.  That would be a junior high track meet.  And Watertown was not participating!
Luke was running.  Luke is the son of our god daughter and her husband and the brother of Marisa.  Now understand, the family dynamic here is amazing.  Luke's grandparents and we have been friends for more years than I care to mention.  Luke's mom is one of our most favorite people.  Luke's dad fits.  Luke's sister is her mother in so many of the best ways, and Luke is above all else, a gentleman!  These six people have a profound effect on our lives!  They make us laugh.  They make us proud.  They give with their whole hearts. There is no blood shared among us, and yet, they are family.  So we went to a track meet!  He ran well.  It didn't matter.
The impact of friends is amazing, and you are loved!

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