Thursday, April 16, 2015

Forsooth! The forsythia!

It truly was an ezbzontheroad experience.  We were coming home from a trip to Minneapolis.  We happened by this amazing horticultural extravaganza in Bonaventure, and we just HAD to stop.  It was the blaze of yellow that caught our eye.  After an interminably long winter, there it was, heralding the hope of yet another new season.  Of course, we had to have one.  It resides in the far northwest corner of our garden, ineptly placed there by yours truly.  You can't see it from the house.  You actually have to look for it.  Sometimes, I forget.  But today, on our way home from yet a totally different kind of road trip, I happened to notice the familiar yellow blaze grandiosely blooming against a house for sale.  It triggered in me the desire to check on ours.  Of course, by the time we got home (six blocks at best), I completely had focused on something else and proceeded to once again, forget.  I'm unsure what rang the bell of recognition, but after an all too frequent head slap, I went into the yard and there it was.  Brilliant.  Blazing.  Extolling the onset of yet another season.  All is right with the world.  At least in this millisecond microcosm that forces one to extol, "Forsooth!"  Know you are loved!


  1. Check my blog to get your flower fix.

  2. Check my blog to get your flower fix.