Sunday, April 5, 2015

Pot Luck

It was a first.  Pot Luck for Easter.  We supplied the meat and dessert.  They brought the "with its".  We ate well!  Let's discuss the "with its".  Two sisters brought family favorite salads.  One niece, a delicious potato dish.  One nephew, a delightful corn concoction.  One friend, a bottle of wine.  There were kids--one college, one high school, and one four-month old. We were an eclectic group, joined by the food we brought and the love we share.  Like any family (part genetic, part chosen), we were an interesting blend of personalities, likes, dislikes, ideals...well, you get the drift.  The bond we share is strong.  Like the food consumed, we blended together to make a totally delightful whole, sharing and caring for each other.  A family.  We had good Luck!  And you are loved!

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