Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Look out, world!

The stars are obviously in alignment.  The moon is in the seventh hour, and Jupiter aligns with Mars.  For today was the dawning of the age of this particular Aquarian.  It started with a good night's rest.  Then, there was chicken for breakfast followed by a positive result on internet bridge.  Now you have to understand, this is played in the front porch with my partner sitting three feet away!  We NEVER cheat.  We bid and play as if we were in foreign lands (which is where the preponderance of our opponents are!)  But at the end of each hand, we can discuss how and why we did what we did.  Notice the use of the term discuss.  Agree?  Not always, but every day is a learning experience.  Then it was off to the track for some run/walk time followed by old fart's yoga and lunch with our very dear friends.  We delivered our used books to the mall for the Friends of the Library book sale, meandered into the card shop, took out a loan to buy two cards, and are now getting ready for our presentation in Milbank tomorrow.  Bridge tonight.  And I am still awake!  And alert!!  And for all you boomers out there, the only thing I'm missing is Hair!  Know you are loved!

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