Wednesday, April 8, 2015

One good recipe deserves another!

Here's the deal.  We are attempting to be low-carb based.  To that end, my bride has been on search and destroy for eponymous recipes.  Some have been, well, let's say less than stellar.  Some have been good.  Tonight's?  Probably the best we have found.  How could it not be?  It teams chicken with pizza sauce and pepperoni, with a little (okay, I probably cheated and added just a skoche more than called for) mozzarella for good measure.  Unfortunately, at least for me, it tasted like more, and being the weakling I am, I did!  The recipe can be found at  I pretty much followed it exactly, with the afore-mentioned increase.  Since there is lots left, I'll even let you know how it is reheated.  We did decide the perfect foil for the dish was our low-carb cole slaw, which can be found at!  Just what you wanted--a game of url tag, right?  Well, I will tell you, in my estimation, this meal was "it"!  Give it a test drive, and know you are loved!

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