Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter colors

You've seen the carrot cakes.  Bright.  Lively.  There is fudge to match--Raspberry Red, Pineapple Yellow, Blueberry Blue. and Almond Green (didn't think lime would fit in!).  In the refrigerator are the hard boiled eggs waiting to become deviled.  They will be yellow, and green, and red.  Not the shells...the actual eggs.  (Thank you Pinterest.)  And it hit me.  Easter is about accepting everything as possible.  Cake can be colored.  Fudge.  Eggs.  Perhaps this is the year that my world will be colored as well.  Maybe what we have red will convince us that war and its attendant suffering is so useless.  Maybe the yellow sun will convince us that the world is a wonderful place to share.  Maybe this little blue-marbled planet will recognize the power of love.  Maybe the green of jealousy will simply disappear.  Maybe this is the year we shall achieve my new mantra--stolen from the realm of Facebook--and perhaps the most powerful of hopes..."the separation of church and hate."  It really doesn't matter that we are different.  What matters is we are.  In this, one of the most holy of seasons, everything is possible!  Wouldn't it be lovely? 
Know that you are loved!

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