Monday, August 31, 2015

Why do you spend so much time on Facebook?

So, I'm in a local business, looking to replace a part broken on an appliance, and a gentleman asked me the question above.  The implication was it was nothing but a waste of time.  He further commented on the negative possibilities associated with the social media.  Think of the relationships it could ruin.  And obviously, there's nothing to talk about since all info appears on line.  And he could have a point.  Like any invention, the possibility of misuse exists.  But I try to avoid that.  If anything, I like to think positives can occur if the media is used correctly.  Maybe I am excessive.  But maybe, I can make someone smile.  Then, it's worth it.  I just hope he doesn't discover my blog!

1 comment:

  1. bz - the question should be, "How much time spent online in any pursuit is too much?" Balance is the key and there is no indication you are wasting time online, especially with all the other activities you manage to squeeze into a typical day! I think social media has replaced talking on t
    he phone for many of us. For example, I could've called you up to talk to you about your blog but this is faster. I guess it is all about speed, not balance!