Sunday, July 20, 2014

Great faces, great places

Assignment:  with camera in hand, approach Mt. Rushmore to take photos that might not be taken by someone else.  Darn that clever Shephard.  Just enough of a twist to make the assignment a challenge.  I have several photos of "the boys", from several different angles and several different distances.  I'm sure someone has done them all before.  So, thinks I,  "Great Faces"...

Meet Charlie, the park ranger!  When asked if I could take his picture, he replied, "The minute I put on this uniform I belong to you."  I took that as a yes and he put away his sunglasses, put on the ones you see, and graciously posed.  Great Face!

This is Tom.  He was resting along a path, contemplating life in his universe.  When asked if I could take his picture, his response was "What would you like me to do?"  Be Tom.  Great Face!

As you may guess, it wasn't the face of Consuelo that captured my imagination!  Not everyone can pull off a pink cowboy hat.  But underneath the hat was this beautiful visage of an 84 year old lady from he Phillipines, here visiting her daughter.  What a gracious lady!  What a Great Face!

The perpetrator of the experiment.  I believe he may well have been amusing himself with the completion of his own assignment...a photograph of a Mount Rushmore snow globe offered for sale in the gift shop.  I told you he was deucedly clever.  And a Great Face!

There you have it...four great faces from one of my favorite great places.  How'd I do?  Always know that you are loved!

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  1. Yes, all great faces! I love the assignment. I will have to go back to his blog and see if I can find the assignment from any of the other students.