Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I'm pooped!

There's something amazingly satisfying about being physically exhausted!  For the years I worked, I would often come home wondering where I would find the where-with-all to make it up the stairs so I could collapse on the bed (idiot that I was, I could have stayed on the first floor and slept on the couch!). I really was that tired.  But it was a mental thing.  Oh sure, I put in the physical requirements, but the muscles didn't remind me that I had been physically absorbed.  Tonight they do!    After finishing the landscaping next least for today, I promised myself that would be the last load of mulch I would haul for a while.  Promises are apparently made to be broken!  After being taken out to a rather disappointing Chinese supper (our local emporium needs a lot of work, both in the physical plant and in keeping food hot!), we swung by Wally World to check on possible rain stoppage material to stem the flow of wash in the hosta bed we have finished!  Low and behold, they had bags of mulch on sale (darn them) so 15 bags later, we get home and position the bags in a dam fine way!  We'll see if our ingenuity pays off.  Anyhow, once that was done, I found myself totally spent!  Now, it's time for Advil and dreams of what to do with this one remaining section...and please dear god, don't let it be mulch!  But I am NEVER too tired to let you know you are loved!

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