Monday, July 7, 2014

The first!

It was a glorious attested by the first morning glorious of the season.  This lovely lady was obviously in the accelerated class, showing her finery well before the foliage covered the trellis.  True blue, she shimmered in the morning sun, bearing promise of those to follow, and heralding the true joy that is summer.  With any luck at all, her ilk will be joined by pink, maroon, and white sisters as they decide to show their wears.  But the first?  Well, she's just special.  Even the sun thought so, highlighting her very existence!  Of course, by this evening, she was spent, leaving just a memory...and a photograph to remind me of the joy she created!  Gone, but monumental in her brief appearance!  Find the firsts that create a resonant chord in your life, and know you are loved!

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