Thursday, July 3, 2014

There are three things that are certain.

Forget the death and taxes thing.  It's trite.  Go instead with these three:
1) when riding bike, no matter which way you turn, the wind will be in your face.  I can't explain it.  I can only complain it.  Just when I expect the whee of wind at my back, wham, wind in my face.  Or could it just be I?  Perhaps I expect too much?  Hmmmmm.
2) there is no way to weed a rose garden without drawing blood.  No matter how careful I am, someone plants a rose twig somewhere with the thorns pointing at my hands.  Or I lose concentration and reach through the bush to pull a weed.  Or I'm just plain stupid.  Whatever the reason, there is blood.  (Side note--the exception to this rule could occur while wearing gloves.  Gloves?  While weeding?  Wuss!)
3) It's geometrically more fun to make a mess than clean it up!  Bread is proofing in the oven.  Kitchen is a god-awful mess.  Think I'll go mow the yard.

I lied.  There is one more thing.  You are loved!

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