Saturday, July 12, 2014

The perfection of imperfection

Blazoned on the covers...beautiful, nubile young ladies with most of their parts exposed...young men with abs that don't exist in nature, much less this household...tables set designed creatively...perfection.  Hogwash!  As I was enmeshed in my extremely creative, highly unsuccessful search of flora phenomenal with my camera this morning, I came up with these

Sometimes it is difficult to see through that which surrounds us.  Even though the daisy is partially hidden by the volunteer dill, it manages to silently impress.  We should also!

Sometimes, plants, like people don't develop symmetrically!  Parts may be missing, or hidden from view. Are the lily or the Gerbera any less amazing?

Even enjoying it's last bit of time, this flower has an amazing structure.  Notice the reach and impact it still has!  Do we recognize that in our older friends?

Though the focus on this shot hones in on the two stalks of flowers behind it, the celosia still manages to find a way to make a statement.  We may not always be the focus, but we can always be who and what we are!

Now it's time to be extremely thankful.  I truly thought of a selfie here, taken among the beauty that I see in our back yard every day.  I refrained!  I was afraid the abs would make you envious.  Oh, they're there, partially hidden by their surrounding avoirdupois, asymmetrically developed, obviously old, and, had you been lucky, out of focus.  But they're mine, and I think I'll keep them.  After all, they still work!  Find the beauty that is you, and share it with the world.  Know you are loved!

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