Thursday, July 17, 2014

The hills are alive

Our home for the next few days!  It's tough duty, but....  In fact, I just managed to pry my eyes open following a quick power nap, somewhat induced by the 25 ounce Chilada that accompanied lunch on the back deck!  The morning was phenomenal, with a lovely walk and climb followed by a quick tour of Keystone (from whence came the abundantly sized Chilada!).  Then lunch with the woman I love amidst the splendor that is the Black Hills of South Dakota.  A deer joined us for a bit, somewhat perplexed by someone in her environ. But she stayed just a bit and then wandered off.  One could almost call the setting Idyllic!  On our wanderment this morning, to our wonderment, we came across some flora that just begged to be chronicled, so of course, I did.  Maria had it right...the hills are alive!  Enjoy vicariously, and know you are loved!

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