Sunday, July 27, 2014

I've seen the light

As we sit in the Charlotte airport, waiting for the transport back as far as Minneapolis, I have time to think back on our two weeks away.  Learning, playing, laughing, loving...but I'm ready for home.  With any luck at all, the lawn will need to be mowed, the cucumbers will need to be picked, clothes will need to be washed, and bikes will need to be ridden!  I would not give up a minute of the time we have spent away!  I would not give up the joy that is going home.  It's win, win!  I think I say that every time our horizons broaden.  Redundancy in the elderly should not be a surprise.  What might surprise you is the picture for today.  Lake Lakota, sunrise, and a spiritual connection to life!  May you see the light in a similar way, and know you are loved

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