Saturday, September 27, 2014


I find myself in an unusual situation/mood this evening.  First, for September, it is a gorgeous day.  I'm celebrating the work we got done and the work there is to do.  The very fact that we can work is worthy of celebration.  Second, and this will seem strange to you, I celebrate the fact that simple beauty can still give me goosebumps!  Don't ask me how I discovered this link, but if you google Collabro (the winner of Britain's Got Talent) and listen to their encore performance, you might just get matching goosebumps!  I also celebrate tonight the life of a man who at 97 is in an epic battle for his life.  A truly unique man, who in his very approach to life inspires most everyone he meets.  He may not win this battle...but he has made this world so much the better.  After my ostrich day yesterday, it's only fair to recognize the reasons for pulling one's head out...of the sand.  Oh yes, and I celebrate each of you!  Know you are loved!

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