Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor day

First.  To all who work to allow me to live as I choose, I salute you.  You keep me safe, you maintain our infrastructure, you cook, you clean, you provide.  In short, you make it possible!  To my way of thinking, if you are working, you are supporting.  Unless you work for that insidious, nefarious call center wanting me to reduce my credit card debt.  I realize you too have to work, but your labor is NOT appreciated!  Just sayin'!
Being retired, today I get to look back at how I labored.  Early mornings.  Late nights.  Weekends.  LOUSY pay.  Summer jobs.  Administrivia.  The dreaded and consistent "in-services" where I had to listen to "motivational speakers".  (Oops, I mean those were great!). The kids.  Short.  Tall.  Thin.  Thick.  Brilliant.  Brilliant in their own way.  Loved and cared for by a supportive family. Not so much.  Well fed.  Hungry.  Well groomed.  Not so much.  And every single one of them living in a small piece of my heart!  Labor?  You bet.  Love!? Outweighs any labor involved!!!  Shakespeare had it wrong.  Love's labors are never lost!  For each of you has found the way to make celebrating my labor easy!  Be safe.  Be careful out there, and know you are loved!

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