Sunday, September 21, 2014

Technologically ept...periodically inept

I'm putting together a menu for an upcoming dinner.  Okay, it's a group of 19 women called the Drama Study Club, and we will be hosting them in the Hy-Vee club room Tuesday evening.  Clever that I am, I had this wonderful idea of random seating.  Picture this.  Four tables, spoking out from a small round table with a fall centerpiece.  Each table has a different colored table cloth.  Each table is set with place mats and napkins, none of which is repeated.  (We've done things like this a lot and you'd be surprised what we can find in our little storage places!)  Scene being set, we have to find a way to seat them.  Here's where the clever comes in.  Little Billy takes a picture of each place mat and napkin, and wants to copy and paste those pictures to the backs of 19 printed menus.  As each member comes in, they will simply draw a menu and sit at the matching place mat!  As I said, clever, huh?  Pictures?  A breeze (remember, I had that photography workshop this summer!).  Transferring them to the computer, not so much.  The internal card reader doesn't work on my desktop.  There is no card reader on my lap top.  Can't use publisher on the I-Pad.  So, option two.  Get out the USB card reader.  Plug it in to the desktop.  Lights up!  No response.  Plug it in to the lap top.  Lights up.  No response.  Scatological invective! Not to be outwitted by said technology, I head to my camera case and get the $1.95 card reader from Wal-Mart.  Won't fit in the desk top.  Fits in the lap top.  Eureka.  Reads the pictures.  Set up the Publisher document to print four clevernesses per page.  Save to the laptop.  Now to transfer them so I can print on the printer attached to my desktop.  Get a pen drive.  Eventually save to the pen drive.  Place pen drive in desktop.  Bowdle (a small town near Eureka!)!  And all this only took about one hour.  It would have been easier to have them draw a color from a box and put a matching color on the table.  Now it comes to me!  Oh well.  As I said, periodically, I am inept.  But continuously, you are loved!

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  1. This one made me laugh! So frustrating to have great or clever or creative plans only to be foiled by technology! Glad to hear this one worked. It was a clever idea. From the photos, the tables and room setting attractive & inviting. Glad it went well.