Wednesday, September 3, 2014

When I was six...

and starting school, the school nurse suggested to my folks that they have my eyes tested.  Off to Fargo we go.  Home with glasses.  According to the urban legend spread by Miss Loosewheel, I made them feel absolutely terrible on the way home.  All I could do was marvel at the colors, at the sights, and at all the things I didn't know I wasn't seeing.  For the next 50 years, glasses were the norm.  In fact, I frequently fell asleep with them on because A) I forgot I had them on and B) I couldn't see without them.  Then the miracle of Dr. Vance Thompson and eye surgery.  No glasses.  Second best decision I ever made.  Then, age, and cataracts.  Well, no more.  In at 6:30, out by 8:00, and bright colors, sights, and all the things I hadn't been seeing clearly.  Amazing.  Even this morning, I shut one eye and can see and read with the "bad" one.  Thank god for teachers, who had the ability to see in Dr. Vance and his talented staff the gifts that would create a better world for so many people.  Thank god for Dr. Vance and staff, who recognized and shared this gift.  And thank god for you, because you can and do read this!  Know you are loved!

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