Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Amazon Temptress

Saturday is her birthday.  She has reached the age of maturity (several times!), but it is only a number.  We have been friends for 42 years...over half our lives!  It was not an immediate connection.  Apparently, like a fungus, I have to grow on you.  But it has been forever enjoyable.  We share commonalities in so many things.  We see eye to eye politically.  We enjoy the arts.  We love to read. She is an amazingly intelligent woman (the exception to the common share!).  During the years, we have laughed with the same people, cried over the same people, honed our tongues about the same people, and consoled each other when things just seemed endless.  She has been my confessor, my psychologist, my "other eye" when things are not clear, and a person (other than my wife, who is one of her best friends) I would candidly trust with my secrets, my hopes, my life.  They say a person is blessed if they have one great true friend in their life.  I have been blessed...and blessed..and blessed..and blessed...over and over again.  However, longevity rests with the Temptress!  To the Jungle Stud, her husband, I say thank you for sharing her.  You are loved.  To my life partner and the best of my life, I say thank you for knowing friendship has no gender.  And to you, Ms. Temptress, I say happy birthday on Saturday.  And thank you...for the best gift I receive over and over again!  I love you!  And for you, the rest of my blessings, I love you as well!

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