Saturday, September 13, 2014

Consistency... least foolish in nature, according to Emerson, is the hobgoblin of little minds.  I would argue today's consistent is neither foolish nor referring to little minds.  It refers, instead, to the concept of friendship.  While the Amazon Temptress celebrates her last day of this natal year, we are ensconced in a delightful lake home with gracious friends for a weekend of relaxation, too much food, a little adult beveraging, and conviviality!  Allow me to characterize these friends.  The first couple we have known since they moved to town, some 40 years ago.  We have watched their kids grow up into amazing individuals.  We have commiserated over everything from our jobs to a Vikings loss.  He has  the privilege of the best line describing my behavior (Bill, it's time for your medication!").  She provides grounding, intellect, and most importantly, a quick appreciation of my "humor"!  They help us through the morass called life, freely and completely give their love, and let us occasionally care for Mac!  The second couple?  Well, that would be the brother of the first couple's wife and his wife.  (Confused yet?). For years they have graciously opened their home and their hearts to us, making us feel special and at the same time, part of the family!  A real trick!  And that brings us to the seventh guest this weekend.  She is a force of nature.  Not only is she the mother of two of the aforementioned friends, she is a gracious, witty, generous lady who makes us smile!  If we didn't know the children, we probably wouldn't know the mother, and that is a special gift from these friends!!!
Understand, this is the fifth incarnation of this blog.  And even though it's been a pain in the butt to retype it due to poor connectivity, the connection to these people is amazing!  You've no doubt figured out we are in hog heaven with a weekend of fun!  And we've more to come!  Consistently, we love them them and love you!

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