Wednesday, September 24, 2014


I love to cook.  This comes as a surprise, right?  This usually means I cook for thrashers, or so it would seem.  This results in copious amounts of leftover foodstuffs.  Here's the irony.  I'm not a huge fan of leftovers...even when I know they are good (who says I'm egotistical?).  This results in a sharing situation.  Thankfully, the neighbor to the north greatly appreciates any tidbits offered!  I believe this is called a symbiotic relationship.  We enjoy the original run.  She enjoys the rerun!  There are limits to my generosity, however.  She might have had two pieces of the blueberry pie.  She had one.  I turned aside my aversion to leftovers and forced it down for breakfast.  In fact, it took great restraint not to force it down when nature called at 3:00 this morning!  My self control has to be admired, right?  When you put blueberries together with sour cream, almond flavoring and egg in a crust flavored with blueberry extract and made with vodka, covered with a pecan crumb topping, force may not have been the right word!  I may have to adjust my fan level!  Know you are loved!

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  1. And if you eat it in small enough bites, it's the perfect diet food!