Saturday, September 6, 2014

Who speaks for uncommon courtesy?

It was a disappointing day for the son of Miss Loosewheel. First, there was the gentleman ahead of us as we left the hotel and didn't have time to hold the door open so we could get out with our luggage cart.  I'm sure he was in a hurry to get to a very important meeting...or something.  Then there was the clerk in the convenience store who simply couldn't find it in her heart to be affable, much less courteous.  Next was the young lad at the gas station who didn't even acknowledge our presence until I caught his attention by trying to pay for a soda.  When I received my change, I thanked him.  His reply?  "Yeah, no problem."  And of course, there were those two gentlemen this morning that truly irritated Miss Cathryn as they left just before I spoke because they were sure I had nothing worthwhile to offer.  Had I done anything like any of these examples, Miss Loosewheel would have gently reprimanded me (yeah, right!) and taught me the error of my ways and the gentlemanly way to treat others.  Some lessons never leave you.  My wish?  Everyone had had a Miss Loosewheel in their life!  One should never be in such a hurry they can't spend 10 seconds to help another through a door.  Everyone who buys something from your business (and in truth is paying your wages) deserves to be treated with good humor, not to mention an occasional "thank you".  And while I have my soapbox out, the answer to "thank you" is "you're welcome", not "no problem"!!!  And finally, I have discovered that I can learn amazing things from people I don't know.  All I need to do is be polite enough to give them a chance!  Don't get me wrong.  There are amazing, polite people out there.  They simply weren't where we were today, and they appear to diminish each day.  I speak to the cause of courtesy, of chivalry, and common decency.  Prove to me they are not dead or dying.  Please?  Thank you!  And know you are loved!

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