Friday, September 5, 2014

Thoughts from my side of the car

As one travels west to east in South Dakota in the passenger seat, one is allotted a great deal of time for reflection.  You may well guess that as Cathy drives, I might be wondering why it is she rather than I driving?  You would be wrong.  She is the better driver of the two of us.  Actually, she is the best driver I know!  I feel much safer in the passenger seat.  There is also the fact that she is extremely motion sensitive, and could well be sick if she were riding, so win for us!  Then, there is the question, how much farther can we go before my bladder actually bursts and I flood the car?  As we have aged, we (read that, the driver) is much more understanding about the need for frequent stops.  This was not always the case, and I would happily share with you the Kansas City experience, but it's really heightened by facial expressions in the telling, so I'll pass for now.  Where do those gravel roads go to that we frequently pass by?  Do sunflowers always follow the sun?  Is it unusual to see a Norwegian flag flying in a cemetery?  (The answer is obviously not in this area!). How is it possible for the Cheyenne River to make that many twists and turns.  Will we ever get to Pierre?  As I said, a LOT of time.  Of course, there's time for counting my blessings (directly related to the driver!), contemplate what to fix for supper, and when I can start drinking again?  Hello, Midland!  Be safe in wherever life takes you, take time for cogitation, and know you are loved!

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