Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Feeling regal

Well of course I am.  I just was crowned!  I believe it was number 16.  That would be the number of the tooth, not the number of crowns.  Decidedly poorer, but happier with my chewability factor, I look forward to exercising both sides of my molars!  I am amazed at artisans.  My doc is, as mentioned earlier, one.  His PA is likewise.  My dentist is one.  His assistant is one.  In fact, she is amazing.  Who else could make a visit to the dentist something to which I look forward?  Perhaps the overarching factor in each of these people is their humanity!  They all seem to care about me!  And for that (along with an amazing number of other things), I am thankful.  And you!  You are loved!

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