Sunday, September 7, 2014

I'm not sure I'm ready.

The tomato plants are history, as are the cucumbers.  The first fall squash is on the supper menu.  When we were coming home from Rapid, several trees were harbinging the season to come.  When I wake up from my first nap of the evening, it's close to dark.  The Vikings are playing a regular season game.  The weatherman used the "f" word.  Nature is conspiring to put an end to summer, and quite simply, I'm not thrilled.  I had just gotten used to sweating.  I like being able to enjoy the outdoors after a quick evening nap.  And I enjoy not worrying about football outcomes.  But somehow, every year, the same thing happens.  Go figure.  But here's the thing; the change brings new adventures, new excitement, and new locations.  That attitude thing?  It works.  Enjoy the seasonal menopause, and know you are loved!

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