Friday, March 20, 2015

And the answer is...

I'm watching the evening news, my 12 oz grilled and barbecued pork chop resting beside a stack of fresh, buttered asparagus.  Heaven is just around the corner.  And then, I actually watch the news.  Over 150 killed in a mosque--worship interrupted by a suicide bomber.  A little closer to home, a mob of hooligans attack a car and driver.  Okay, a lot closer to home.  Sioux Falls!  Story after story of the stupidity and hatred of my fellow species.  I DON'T GET IT!  At 65, I just don't get it.  How on earth are any of these things possible?  As much as I hated the 325,323 hours of history I had to take in college, I know none of this is new.  We have been up to the destruction of our fellow man apparently since that bite of an apple so long ago.  But we're smarter now.  We can Google.  We can find solutions to our problems.  Solutions that don't require death and mayhem.  And yet, we perpetuate the past.  We claim our one true god.  We claim our one true government.  We claim our one true belief structure.  And damn those who don't agree.  Literally damn them.  And here's the irony.  As I understand the major religions of the world, the directive is to add good to the world.  Maybe it's all about math.  We don't ADD good by SUBTRACTING that with which we don't agree.  We don't reach our holiest of holies by violence or bloodshed.  We reach it with a will to accept difference.  We reach it with a desire to add value.  We reach it one person at a time.  Make a friend.  Do good.  I'm pretty sure the answer is not quit watching the news.  But darn, it did ruin the digestion.  From now on, supper is served before the news...if I can just avoid Dr. Phil!  Make it different!  Make a difference.  And know you are loved!

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