Tuesday, March 31, 2015

One of THOSE days

Rare.  Phenomenal.  Surreal.  When everything went the way it was supposed to.  I have come to believe that at its best, physical activity corresponds to one's life.  Sometimes, it hurts.  Sometimes, it provides a diversion.  And sometimes (and I cannot believe that I am saying this), it provides a feeling of satisfaction and well being.  (Those of you who knew me in an earlier stage of my life may now amp your jaws up off the floor!)  Let me tell you about my bike ride after supper.  The temperature was in the upper sixty's.  Remember, today WAS March 31.  There was a slight breeze from the southwest--not enough to provide a great deal of resistance--just enough to provide a cooling influence to my overworked, overweight being.  I come to the stop sign, and there is no traffic--no unnecessary wait.  I head east.  First stop light.  Turns green as I am a block away.  Accelerate.  No problem.  My mind is processing the day's activities.  A slight smile.  Next stop sign.  Car on the right waves me through.  No wait.  Bike path.  Minimal distractions.  Smile broadens.  Remove my hands from the handle bars.  Flash to "The Titanic".  "I am the king of the world."  Intersection--mo-ped waves me through.  More Titanic.  Next intersection--no traffic.  Turn toward home.  Approach the stoplight.  Green!  Head toward LATI.  No traffic.  Up hill with the wind at my back.  Not to tempt fate, I head north to avoid the stoplight.  Cross street easily because the light is red north/south.  Pull into the garage.  6.5 miles of time to think, time to process, time to smile.  And that WAS my day.  Easy.  Fun.  Reinvigorating.  Tiring, but in a good way.  Thanks to the people who made it that way.  Let's do it again tomorrow?  Rest well knowing you are loved! 

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  1. Sometimes it IS the little things that make the day brighter and put a smile on our faces. Thanks for putting one on my face.