Wednesday, March 4, 2015

As I lay not sleeping,

I contemplated an end to this blog.  At times, topics, as those of you who read it can attest, are sketchy.  If I were to look back, I'm sure some are extremely redundant, and that's not a good computer redundancy, either.  It has, however, become habitual, and a friend to whom I can turn to vent, to laugh, at times to cry.  I always, as you know, have dreamed to being a writer.  And since my forte does not seem to be length, it provides an outlet for that dream.  So to those of you habituated by my siren call, rest easy.  Contemplation in this case will not lead to action--at least for the time being!  And who knows--I may one day collect the wisdom proffered in this arena and publish a collection.  And tomorrow, the sun shall rise in the west!  The two things with which I will leave you are these.  1)  See you tomorrow!  2)  You are loved!

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