Thursday, March 19, 2015

big rock

I would be willing to bet not all of you could be sitting at your computer, look around for inspiration, and see a big rock.  I'm talking a big rock
just sitting under the bottom step.  Waiting.  To inspire.  If you're still with me, and haven't run to the phone to call the little white men in their little white sheets to come and take me away (ha ha, ho, ho, hee, hee!), let me explain.  When I speak (and god knows I do a lot of that!), I often talk about prioritizing.  And I tell the story of the science teacher explaining "the concept".  He takes a glass beaker and fills it with large stones.  When he can place no more in the beaker, he holds it up and asks the class if it is full.  Of course, the answer is yes.  He then takes some small pea gravel and pours it in over the top of the large stones.  It settles in the crevices, and he holds it up and asks if it is full.  Being the bright class they were, some said yes and some said no.  He then took some fine sand and poured it over the stones and gravel.  It apparently filled the beaker.  Again, he holds it up and asks the question.  This time, there are few yes's to "is it full?".  Finally, he takes a glass of water and pours it into the beaker.  Once it can hold no more, he carefully holds it up.  "Is it full?"  Of course, the class is sure the answer is no, but at this time, the teacher says yes, it is...for nothing more will fit without spilling some content.  Then, of course, there is his question.  "What does this teach you?"  Remember, I said the class was bright.  Hands shoot up.  "There's always room for more."  "Don't jump to conclusions."  "Can I go to the bathroom?" Okay, so they weren't all Rhodes scholars.  Each question is answered with a simple no, and finally, there is the last question: "Okay.  We give up.  What does it teach us?"  The instructor, with a smile that comes from years in the classroom, says simply, "You have to start with your big rocks." 
Such is life.  We need to identify those things that are MOST important in our lives and BEGIN with them.  When, and only when, we're sure they fit into our lives should we find the smaller items.  Face it.  If you were to put in the water first, there's no room for the rest.  And all of this because of a stupid rock!  A big rock!  and you, my readers?  There's always room in my beaker for you.  Know you are loved!

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