Sunday, March 15, 2015

la bicyclette

Observations from the saddle
1)  Where did those muscles come from?
2)  On a clear day, everyone comes out to play.
3)  No back bumper = an interesting mud splatter pattern.
4)  Where did those muscles come from?
5)  The wind always blows in direct proportion to how tired I am.
6)  Runners take exception when you pass them saying "it's easier with wheels".
7)  One should not assume after a winter off the usual path is the "usual" effort
8)  There is a turn signal at one intersection and the oncoming cars do not take kindly to my ignoring it.
9)  Yoga has improved my balance.  I didn't fall over once.
10) Gurney.  I see a gurney in my future.  And a crane.  To get me out of bed onto the gurney.  And a lot of "ouch" and "oooh" and feeling sorry for myself.
And then I realize, it is March 15!  March 15!  And I rode in shirt sleeves and shorts.  In South Dakota.  And 1 -  10 are replaced with a feeling of awe and thankfulness...and who cares if it hurts?  It was good!  And you are loved!

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