Thursday, March 26, 2015

Make it a double!

I remember a time in my life when that was the norm.  The brain cells I destroyed in my youth will probably come back to haunt me.  Fact is, I can remember the last time I over-imbibed.' Of course, it had to do with the computer.  It was a Pascal course...full three credits...that we took in two weekends.  At the end of the second weekend, I came home, filled a 16 oz glass half full of vodka, half full of lime juice, drank it, and then, true to the title, did it again.  Even the ensuing regret felt the next morning was better than the class.  But I did learn.  And I haven't doubled up since.  Now, the only use I have for vodka is pie crust, and I'm just too old to sacrifice the few cells I have left, so that's where it shall stay.  Today, my double is the love I have for you!

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