Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The personal touch

You know I love Facebook.  I am as enamored with Blogspot.  What an amazing way to stay in contact with phenomenal people.  Like you.  That being said, I just did something I don't do enough but think I should.  So should you.  I just hand wrote a thank you note for supper last night!  It was a truly delightful experience, and somehow, an e-mail or message just didn't seem appropriate.  If you are a fastidious reader, you will recall my rant about lack of penmanship and cursive teaching.  The very fact that someone would take the time and effort to sit down and WRITE a note says a great deal.  So, as I am wont to do, here is your challenge.  Before a week goes by, jot someone a note.  It' doesn't have to be GONE WITH THE WIND!  It could be a little stick-em note.  It could be on the bottom of a card.  It could even be on nice stationery.  But make it more than just signing your name.  Let the person know they are special.  And once you discover the impact that will have, do it again!  You'll feel good.  They'll feel better.  Make it personal, and know you are loved!

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