Friday, March 13, 2015

Sweet vs. savory

The tale of the recipe tape to this point in time:  Chocolate Chip Cookies--38.  Pecan Crusted Chicken--37.  For me, a metaphor for life.  You truthfully need both aspects to enjoy the complete meal!  And, if possible, they should be close to evenly distributed.  Too much sweet, and we lose an edge.  Complacency sets in, and we pop the button, expand the gut, and watch television.  Teeth rot.  Minds rot.  Of course, the flip side is also true.  Too much savory and we become dulled to the good things in life.  We enter pity city and move in.  Poor me literally becomes poor me.  But a blend?  A good thing!  We need something to motivate and something to reward.  And so it is written.  And so it shall be.  (I've always wanted to experience my Pharaoh alter-ego!)  Enjoy the full deal meal, and know you are loved!

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