Monday, March 16, 2015

Sitting pretty

It was a road trip day.  We needed to go to Sioux Falls, and whilst there, we decided we should do a little shopping.  For furniture!  The recliner in the man cave has seen better days, so we were on a mission from god to replace it.  Checked everywhere here in town first.  Couldn't find the right fit.  You know it when you sit on it!  Went to Ethan Allen and worked a while with Christine.  Found a chair that might do.  Found swatches of material that were impressive.  Found leg color.  Decided to decide later, so off to look at other stores.  Walked in to Conlin's.  Should have known it was meant to be as Kathy (okay, she doesn't spell her name correctly but...) showed us the red leather number.  Sit.  Recline.  Look at others.  Go back.  Sit.  Recline.  Discuss.  Look at fabrics.  Go back.  Sit.  Recline.  Decide.  Load the sucker in the back of the van and head for Sam's to pick up coffee.  Yeah, I know. I can buy coffee in town at all the places that carry coffee.  But NOT for this price.  Picked up a few other incidentals and headed home.  Unpacked the groceries.  Went into the man cave.  Moved the old chair.  Sat it down.  Cussed.  Cath helped move the old chair.  Cussed again.  The door with the inset mirror had to come off.  The 3233 pound door with the inset mirror.  Get the tools.  Remove the hinges.  Take the door to the kitchen. Maneuvered the chair out the door, up the steps and into the bedroom where it shall reside until we do something else!  Go to the van.  Get the new chair.  Bring it in the front door.  Deliver it to its new location.  Replace the friggen door.  At this point in time, you might recall we are of an age that perhaps shouldn't be moving furniture...unless you are as young and fit as the zubke's!  Tomorrow we may suffer!  Tonight, I shall be sitting pretty!  And you shall be loved!

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