Friday, August 28, 2015

And the sweat runs in rivulets down my corporeal magnitude!

Yup!  Sweatin' like a hog!  Just finished mowing the yard.  Had to bag it--it got a little long--two honkin' garbage containers long.  Oh well, it will look nice for a day or two.  Now it's time for shower number two today to get ready to add to my corporeal magnitude!  It's a trip to the Bird Feeder one more time.  The Milbank Retired Teachers' Association is having their kick off meeting tonight and have invited us to join them.  The motif is Hawaiian!  I think I can cover that.  (Doesn't every retired elderly gentleman have at least three Hawaiian shirts?)  The pina colada fudge is in shot glasses ready to do shooters, and my taste buds are dancin'!  It's good to be old!  And you are loved!

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