Friday, August 21, 2015

The new school

For years, my life was governed by a building.  To start, it was behind a desk in a classroom, wondering what the heck the teacher wanted.  Trying my level best to give it to him/her.  Then, it was a group of buildings:  a dormitory surrounded by classes teaching me what I should be when/if I grew up.  Then, it was in front of the classroom...full circle...wondering what the heck the students needed.  The structures that surrounded me varied.  Old and rickety.  New, without walls.  Established and sturdy.  And I learned one thing.  Walls a school does not make.  Life makes a school!  So to the teachers, administrators, cooks, custodians, parents and students of the new middle school, I have three things to say.  1). Enjoy the new building!  It is gorgeous, technologically amazing, and full of opportunity.  2). Make the new building a safe place for all who enter.  3). It's not about the bricks, the mortar, the carpet, the wood's about the people inside.  Love them!  Take care of each other!  And teach them how to learn!

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