Friday, August 14, 2015


Sometimes, I forget how fortunate we are.  Lunch today.  Our guests?  Three amazing women.  Amazing because of what they have done.  Amazing because of who they have become.  And in some ways, amazing because of their longevity.  One was over 95.  The other two, over 80. The conversation never lagged.  Each had opinions.  Each had stories.  And each was stunningly alert to what was going on.  Don't get me wrong.  I do not, in any sense of the word, consider them old.  I marvel at the things they have to say.  Their memories far surpass mine.  Their knowledge of events (not to mention baseball) astounds me.  I truly understand the respect and honor afforded to elderly in the Asian culture.  Sometimes, I think we forget what a priceless treasure they can be.  If these three ever become old, I will report back.  As the saying goes--you have to grow don't have to get old!

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