Saturday, August 29, 2015

Observations on a summer's day road trip across the state of South Dakota

This is one freaking wide state.

There are only three routes possible north of the interstate.

When you google Oreo cows, you discover they are actually Belted Galloways.

Hogs with similar markings are Hampshires.

Traveling with an I-pad has innumerable rewards.

I-pad coverage is spotty, so sometimes one has to write on the notepad and cut and paste to one's blog.

There really is a Billsburg, SD!

Of the billions of bugs in the world, the majority of those with a death wish have met our windshield.

You know you've been in the car too long when you believe it's ONLY 73 miles to your destination.

Life is better when you travel with the ones you love!

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