Wednesday, August 19, 2015

They say that all good things must

Today was the end of a marathon group of presentations on fraud.  4 different presentations in eight days a state apart.  It took a while to get things organized.  The research and planning paid off.  To the best of my knowledge, we were able to pull the whole procedure off and only offend one person.  This may be next to miraculous considering my propensities!   The good thing is, she wasn't offended bu what we had to say, only by my Catholic joke.  Funny.  The nuns we have told the story to have found it quite amusing!  Isn't it amazing.  I think the end result of our work is exceedingly positive.  We had several compliments and quite a few "atta boys".  Or actually, "atta boy...atta girl!"  I had the opportunity to perform.  Cath had the opportunity to enlighten.  Between us, egotistically speaking, we gave them "what for" in a way they will remember.  It was a good run.  And tonight, the paper work is done.  The information has been mailed.  And we can put to rest the shims, the placards, the top eight....  It is the end.  And it is good!

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